Improve Your Health with Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketone Pure

Raspberry Ketone Pure is a great new weight loss supplement that’s currently massively popular in the United States.

Raspberry Ketones continue to be praised as a great fat-burning supplement. The latest scientific studies which covered Raspberry Ketones showed that it helps to avert body fat, and leads to an increase in a person’s metabolism.

Contributing to the popularity is a TV show called “Fat Busting Metabolism Boosters” by well-known television host Dr. Mehmet Oz, who told the story of somebody who had encountered remarkable fat loss as a result of using Raspberry Ketone. The use of raspberry ketone was jump-started through a regular exercise program.

Raspberry Ketone Pure also includes several 100 % natural ingredients such as:

African Mango – shows to improve the body’s metabolic process
Acai Berry & Resveretrol – effective antioxidants
Apple Cider Vinegar – contributes to curbing hunger
Kelp, Grapefruit and Caffeine – protein and helps boost weight lossRaspberry Ketone Pure -600mg

The high levels of raspberry ketones that are included are the biggest factor and the “secret sauce” to Raspberry Ketone Pure’s success. Raspberry ketone may also be referred to as Rheosmin or Rasketone. It works inside the body by stimulating the creation of adiponectin, which helps to boost the metabolic process. It turns the body into a fat-burning furnace.

Why Raspberry Ketone Pure?
Never seek out a supplement as an excuse to not eat well or exercise. Raspberry Ketone Pure is designed to enhance the bodies fat reducing facilities and combat toxins that attack physical cells each and every day. The optimal dosage of Raspberry Ketone Plus is two tablets each day, in addition to a glass of drinking water. It’s harmless to take Raspberry Ketone Plus each and every day, because this is an organic and natural nutritional supplement. Nevertheless, currently pregnant and nursing moms are really recommended to refer to their medical practitioner prior to using Raspberry Ketone Plus as well as other nutritional supplements. Exactly the same guideline is applicable for children below eighteen years old and folks that have a medical problem.

Is Dr. Oz Right About Raspberry Ketone?


The fine Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is often called “America’s Doctor”, has published several books on the maintenance of good health and was showcased on the Oprah Winfrey show before receiving his own top television program “The Dr. Oz Show”. Since then, he has been labeled as the top medical professional whenever it comes to health, fitness, and wellness.

His shows that talk about fat and weight loss have become the most popular ones shared on the Internet. One of the most popular episodes of his was where he discussed “Fat Busting Metabolism Boosters.” Dr. Oz featured quite a few fat loss products that he thought were the most effective, healthy, and harmless products on the health market.

His program about Fat Busting Metabolism Boosters featured several products, each of which he was introducing for the first time in public. Since the airing of this show, they have risen in popularity. Out of the several that were mentioned, raspberry ketone was the one that caught the most consideration. Dr. Oz discussed raspberry ketone as the organic chemical that creates the distinct aroma of raspberries. When processed and supplemented, raspberry ketone has been shown to amplify fat loss through a array of various ways. Raspberry ketone works by regulating glucose metabolism and by increasing fatty acid mobilization. Basically, regulating glucose metabolism can reduce the production of insulin. Excessive insulin secretion has been linked to increased fat storage. Escalating fatty acid mobilization allows for a quick burning of fat stores for energy so decreasing body weight significantly.

One of the customary misconceptions about weight loss is that all it takes is for a single magic pill to shed away unwanted excess fat. Let’s shed light on something right now – losing weight takes effort, time, and good habits. Drinking plenty of water, taking the correct supplements, scheduling frequent exercise, and eating a reduced amount of starchy carbohydrates will lead to weight loss. Raspberry ketone supplements will give a giant boost to your weight loss goals.

Raspberry Ketone Pure goes a well beyond the current raspberry ketone products by including other well-known fat loss compounds it its forumla. These extra ingredients work mutually to create a strong and safe weight diet pill that we know will help countless individuals to lose those stubborn pounds.

Weight Loss Diet Tips for Both Men & Women

“I’m on a diet!” This is what we usually hear from people who want to lose weight. But what diet is effective in losing weight? Starvation diet is definitely a No! No! Our body needs food to produce energy so we can do our daily activities. The nutrients we get from food including fats and carbohydrates are important in maintaining the physiologic function of the body. However, these nutrients become bad for the body when they are taken in excess. The nutrients, if not converted to energy are stored in the body as fat deposits, thus the appearance of the undesirable belly fat and love handles. A balanced diet comprising all these nutrients as well as protein, vitamins and minerals, and calcium should be supplied to the body through the food we eat. This article shares some weight loss diet tips for men and women of all ages

The role of fat in a weight loss diet

Fats are an essential food nutrient because they provide twice the amount of energy than carbohydrates and proteins, and they help in protecting body organs and tissues and maintaining the body temperature.

Fats= 9 calories

Carbohydrates= 4 calories

Protein= 4 calories

CAUTION: Too much fat can be very harmful to the body. Excess fat do not only form the bulges on your body but it could also clog the arteries of the heart causing myocardial infarction or heart attack.

What is a low-fat diet?

Low- Fat diet has been promoted by the US Department of Health since the late 1970’s. But what does low- fat diet really mean?

Basically, there are three types of fat: The Saturated fat which is the Bad fat because it increases the blood cholesterol level, The Polyunsaturated fat that decreases the blood cholesterol level, and the Monounsaturated fat which decreases the Low- density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol or the “bad cholesterol”. One of the best low fat diet is 3 day military diet. For further information you should check out at

Low- fat diet means: decreasing the consumption of food that contains saturated fat while increasing the consumption of food that contains polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat. Food like most meat and dairy products, butter, and tropical oils such as coconut oil and palm oil should be avoided as they are high in saturated fat. Polyunsaturated fat are usually found in plant food sources such as corn, soybean, safflower, and sunflower. Food sources for Monounsaturated fat includes olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil, and some fruits like avocado.

Carbohydrates are bad or good?

Carbohydrates provides real-time energy in the body and should account for 50- 60% of the total calories we take in everyday. However, with sedentary lifestyle, the calories you get from carbohydrates that are supposed to be converted to real-time energy are stored as fat deposits, thus you gain weight.

Low –carb diets are among the most popular weight loss diets. There are many variations like:

The Anabolic Diet which alternates low carb and periods of high carb eating

Carbohydrate addicts which serves 2 meals with no carbs and 1 meal of 1/3 carb a day

Ketogenic Diet which eliminates carbohydrate completely and compensates the caloric need with high fat and moderate protein intake.

But as per definition, having less than 50-60% of carb ratio in a serving is low carb diet. If your goal is to maintain your current weight, do take in moderate carb which is about 40-50% carb in your diet. And if you want to lose weight, you may go with low- carb diet which contains 25-39% carb. Lower than this is not really recommended as it could cause conditions like ketosis, presence of ketone bodies in the blood. Very high ketone level can make the blood acidic and may damage organs like the liver and the kidneys.

Some weight loss diet tips that can help eat healthier are:

* Instead of eating ice cream, have a low fat yogurt or sherbet.
* Use skim milk (fat- free milk) instead of whole milk.
* Instead of eating pasta alfredo (white sauce pasta) eat pasta marinara (red sauce pasta).
* You may substitute bacon with lean ham.
* Since the American Heart Association recommends avoiding coconut oil because it contains 85- 90% saturated fat, use olive oil or canola oil when cooking food.
* Chocoholics may eat dark chocolate which is rich in anti-oxidant rather than a milk chocolate.
* Use beef loin instead of brisket
* Instead of white bread eat whole grain bread such as wheat bread
* Snack on Peaches (61 calories/pc.), blackberries (62 calories/serving), and carrot sticks (52 calories/cup) instead of fried chips.

Being overweight or obese doesn’t only place a person at risk from developing diseases like diabetes, respiratory diseases, cancer, osteoarthritis and cardiovascular diseases but it could also affect one’s emotional and social life. People who are overweight and obese could suffer from low self-esteem, depression, and impaired body image. Because of this, more and more people are being conscious of their weight. Losing weight is a tough challenge; you must be really committed as lifestyle changes should be made.

If you are looking for a specific program, however, take a look at The Diet Solution Program. It’s America’s #1 selling weight loss program with over a million users world wide. The numbers speak for themselves.

Weight Watchers Reviews

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers™ is the best-known and longest-running weight loss program in the world, and according to reviews, there is very good reason for this — it works! And it works because of its flexibility and the personal support it gives you. Here I’ll explain briefly what the program is and then will list points from some of the reviews I found. I can’t really write my own Weight Watcher review at this point, as I have not tried the program. (I am currently doing two other programs online and that’s plenty at one time!) I do know two women who have used it successfully. One tried the online version for a month or so and lost weight; the other one did the meetings approach and went on to become an instructor herself. When I met her, she was glowing with enthusiasm for how it had changed her life.

What is Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers has two parts:
•    Membership meetings take place in cities and towns in over thirty countries around the world. You get support, and beyond that, you get information that makes your success much more likely. Each country has its own plan, tailored to the specifics of that country. This article refers to the U.S. one.
•    Weight Watchers Online  is a completely online version with lots of information, thousands of recipes, goal setting and progress logging, a free public forum, mobile tracking, and fitness workouts with videos. It includes a specific section called Weight Watchers for Men.

While the two are separate programs, people who take part in membership meetings can also take part in the online program for an additional fee. People who don’t have time for meetings, or dislike meetings, or live a long ways from meetings, will likely prefer the online version.

Weight Watchers began back in the 1960s when Jean Nidetch, an overweight housewife in New York, formed a support group. She and others in the group found that the caring atmosphere they created was essential to their successful weight loss, and through word of mouth, more and more people came to the meetings. They soon outgrew using their homes and had to rent halls to meet in.  The methods used have gone through various changes, but now it offers a very flexible approach, so flexible that you can even do it while using another weight loss eating plan to choose what foods you eat.

In a nutshell, there is a PointsPlus™ program, not counting calories as such but evaluating every food in terms of calories, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, and so on. You have a number of points you can eat in a day, plus some extra points you can use any time during a week. If you exercise, you get more points, and fitness is considered important. It is not a program that has forbidden foods and must-eat foods; rather, it guides you to making the best food choices in a supportive atmosphere. You create good habits, including getting more exercise, suitable to your situation. The general food guidelines include plenty of vegetables and fruits, some dairy products and other lean protein, enough liquid, some healthy oils, and the like.

There is a Weight Watchers Magazine, which anyone can subscribe to (Amazon link). It provides recipes, nutritional information, and motivation.

Is this an effective program? Yes. It works if you do, and it gives you the tools and support to make it happen. The support is from other people who are using the program to lose weight themselves and people who have reached their goals and now help others. Here’s a book of stories of people who used Weight Watchers, which I am currently reading on my Kindle: Weight Watchers Start Living, Start Losing: Inspirational Stories That Will Motivate You Now

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Reviews

Overall, reviewers liked this program, though of course some of them preferred other things.

Here are ten of the most useful points I found, in wading through dozens of reviews and online forums:

  1. The flexibility of this program turned up in many reviews as a PLUS, but in some as a MINUS. In short, this is not a plan for someone who wants to be told exactly what to eat.
  2. Although you are not counting calories, you are keeping track of everything you eat, and some people don’t like to do this. Others do like it. Feelings were mixed about the PointsPlus method vs. Just counting calories.
  3. The program for men tailors not only their different nutritional needs but also the ways they like to do things differently from women. (This is the best program I have come across for men.) See
  4. Users of the online program like being able to login from work, home, or anywhere, to track what they have eaten or to get support.
  5. It’s a good choice if you have a family, because you can cook meals that everyone can eat. Whoever is on WW eats less.
  6. Eating out is easier on WW than on many other programs, because of the flexibility and because some chain restaurants provide Weight Watchers information on their menus.
  7. Since fruits and vegetables have no points, it’s up to you to pay attention to whether you are eating too many avacadoes and not enough lettuce!
  8. One review felt it was a drawback that Weight Watchers doesn’t encourage fat burning or appetite suppressing supplements. I would have to consider this an advantage. While some of these supplements may be safe and useful, I have my doubts about many of them.
  9. Several reviews pointed out that WW does cost something to use. There is a sign-up fee (sometimes waived in promotions) and then a monthly fee. Reviewers point out that many of the benefits of the online program can be found elsewhere online for free — things like camaraderie and recipes. But the specific WW approach, with all the PointsPlus data, is really only available there.
  10. Because the program gives you a lot of freedom of choice in how you eat, they don’t give you a guarantee that you will lose weight.

So In Summary…


Weight Watchers  is an excellent, proven program that is well worth doing. If you live near where a meeting takes place, think about trying the meetings version, as the personal support is valuable. If you don’t or would prefer an online program, it is still one of the top choices, as the Weight Watchers reviews proved to me.

How to Lose Weight Slowly and Keep It Off

Lose Weight Slowly

How to Lose Weight Slowly and Keep It Off

How to lose weight slowly and keep it off? If you are asking this question, you are on the best possible track (though admittedly not the fast track!) to weight loss success. There is a lot of evidence that people who lose weight deliberately, at a moderate rate,  do the best at keeping it off.

Here are eight tips to help you with losing weight and keeping it off:

1. Design a weight loss plan, a way of eating that suits you and meets your nutritional needs. You may want to write down what you eat for a

2. Substitute more nutritional foods for ones that are less so. For example, try low fat cheese. If you are eating at a fast food place, have a salad on the side and hold the fries. Eat whole grains as much as possible and skip the empty calories from white bread or white rice.

3. Include regular exercise in your life all or most days. This could be going out dancing some evening, using a treadmill while reading or watching TV, going skiing or bike riding, walking the dog, or putting an inexpensive badminton set up in your yard and using it. (We did that one, great fun!) Think about things you have done in the past, enjoyed, but then gotten out of the habit.

4. Eat more slowly. Weight loss experts recommend this for a healthy weight loss.It may take you a while to develop this habit, but it is a very worthwhile one. One study done in Japan  found that eating until full and eating quickly were associated with being overweight in Japanese men and women, and that these eating behaviors combined may have a substantial impact on being overweight. This would most likely be true everywhere, not just in Japan!

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Vegetables—including beans—and fruits are high in fiber, which helps you to fill up, and they have lots of nutritional value. Deeply colored fruits, like blueberries, and vegetables, like red onions, have some extra value in terms of nutrition. You can ease into this if you don’t eat a lot of veggies now. Just work them into your meals more. Starting a meal with a salad is a great idea, as it may fill you up before you can overdo on heavier things. There are more Summers Salad Recipes at, check this out. I really love their recipes. It help me feel full when I tried 3 day military diet. I’m not hungry anymore.


6. Do enough to jumpstart your weight loss. In other words, if you only lose a half a pound a week, you may lack the motivation to keep going as the change is just so slight. Losing one or two pounds a week on average would be more encouraging.

7. Only weigh yourself once a week at the most.  Always weigh yourself at the same time—first thing in the morning, without clothing, is good. There are normal fluctuations in how much you weigh from day to day and at different times of day, so it’s good to let enough time go by that the real weight loss will show. You will eventually be at your idea weight!

8. Pay attention to the psychological aspects of what you eat. Take another turn at writing down what you eat, and this time note the emotions you feel also.

It’s kind of like the Aesop’s Fable about the hare and the tortoise. They decided to run a race. Naturally, the hare got off to a much faster start and all the smart money would certainly have bet on the hare. But once it was ahead, it took a nap… and the tortoise passed it and went on to win the race. (I like the hare’s grin in this old illustration from Gutenberg.)

So too with weight loss, where a crash diet is like the hare, and a more sensible way of eating leads you to lose weight slowly AND keep it off!