You can deal with weight loss with 3 day diet

Make sure you are actually hungry and not just wanting to eat.

When you are stressed or bored IYou may use food to supress those feelings. Wait until you know your actually hungry.

Try and do something to keep yourself busy and distracted water the lawn, go for a walk, or read to your children.

Eat breakfast it can get your metabolism started and it will actu3 day dietally help you not to crave sweets and quick energy foods later. It will also help you to eat less during the day.

Researchers believe that sweets increase levels of the chemicals serontonin and dopaminewhich makes us feel good. Deep breathing and excersize increase these levels also.

It is also helpful to eat a little something before going grocery shopping.It will help you to stay to your list and easier to say no to those sweets and unwanted foods.

You will be less likely to eat those craving foods if they are not in the house or your desk at work so try and avoid buying them.

Get a friend or family member to start a diet and excersize program with you. When you both work together you can acheive better results.

Be sure to weigh yourself at least once a week preferably in the morning. Water fluctuation is greater during the day.

Researchers have found that hot peppers may help to reduce hunger.

1 tablespoon of oil contibutes 120 calories to your 3 day diet.

Here are a few ideas to help with those times you need something quick but don’t want to stop at that fast food place. Try cambell’s soup at hand studies say that we eat less calories during a meal. That follows a bowl of soup. Also there is gogurt, yoplait to go, and Dr.McDougall’s Instant hot cereals.

Make sure to get enough calcium studies have shown that if your body is low on calcium it signals your body to store fat.

Could it be any easier you know you need to drink plenty of water each day. Research has shown that if you drink cold water which is very refreshing your body uses 20 calories to bring your body back to temperature. 8 glass of water = 160 calories.

When you cook you may have a tendencie to eat a few things as you go this is where we can get a few extra calories that can be hard on us 150 calories a day can be a pound a week.

Watch out for those cravings they usually last only 15 min. So don’t let them get you down.

Remember it is not going to happen overnight so be patient.

Also remeber to eat slow it takes about 20 min. for your stomach to realize it’s full.

Don’t eat where you sleep, eat or work. Reason: When you are distracted you often don’t realize you are full.

Dieting Tips (and useful weight loss trivia), military diet and The Mayo Clinic Diet

Dieting Tips (and useful weight loss trivia)

Dieting Tips (and useful weight loss trivia)

Here are some dieting tips that have been collected from around the world. Believe what you want but please know that we at do not in any way support any of these various weight loss tips, although we do agree with many of them.

  • Eat more, but eat less. Eat things that are bulky and full of fiber, but lacking in calories.
  • Diet for yourself, not for anyone else.
  • Eat smaller meals, but more of them. Click to check out details about military diet plan 
  • Exercise. Thirty minutes a day is fine, but you must do it every day.
  • Obesity increases the risk of developing at least 26 other diseases and causes 15 percent to 20 percent of all deaths in America. Losing weight for health improvement probably is more relevant, important and motivating than losing weight to please others.
  • Science has determined that 70 percent of an individual’s body mass is determined purely through genetics.
  • Eat low-fat cheese. Eat bread without added fat. Eat chicken without the skin.
  • Drink Eight, 8 oz. glasses of water everyday.
  • Get yourself a little journal that you write down what you’ve eaten, the calories you’ve eaten, and what type of workout you’ve done for the day.
  • If you only have healthy foods in the house and low cal foods, then it would be that much harder to break your diet.
  • Shift the focus of food as entertainment to food being what fuels your body.
  • Soup added to a diet will speed up your metabolism and reduce the hunger cravings.
  • Eat slowly.
  • We are only human, people will break their diets from time to time, but its okay to break it one day as long as you get back on your diet the next day.


The Mayo Clinic Diet

For more than 30 years the so-called “Mayo Clinic diet” has surfaced in many forms and many places. Various versions push grapefruit or eggs or meat and promise to peel off pounds magically. These fad diets did not originate at Mayo Clinic and are not approved by Mayo Clinic.

The diets prescribed by Mayo doctors and dietitians are individualized for each patient’s needs, taking into account medical history and current eating and exercise habits. There is no one diet that works for everyone.

Instead of relying on so-called miracle diets promising rapid weight loss, take stock of your current eating and exercise habits and compare them with recommendations made by reputable organizations. (For example, the updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans provide a wealth of information to get you started.) A healthy diet along with exercise that results in a 1/2 to 1 pound loss each week is considered safe and effective.

How to Lose Weight Slowly and Keep It Off

Lose Weight Slowly

How to Lose Weight Slowly and Keep It Off

How to lose weight slowly and keep it off? If you are asking this question, you are on the best possible track (though admittedly not the fast track!) to weight loss success. There is a lot of evidence that people who lose weight deliberately, at a moderate rate,  do the best at keeping it off.

Here are eight tips to help you with losing weight and keeping it off:

1. Design a weight loss plan, a way of eating that suits you and meets your nutritional needs. You may want to write down what you eat for a

2. Substitute more nutritional foods for ones that are less so. For example, try low fat cheese. If you are eating at a fast food place, have a salad on the side and hold the fries. Eat whole grains as much as possible and skip the empty calories from white bread or white rice.

3. Include regular exercise in your life all or most days. This could be going out dancing some evening, using a treadmill while reading or watching TV, going skiing or bike riding, walking the dog, or putting an inexpensive badminton set up in your yard and using it. (We did that one, great fun!) Think about things you have done in the past, enjoyed, but then gotten out of the habit.

4. Eat more slowly. Weight loss experts recommend this for a healthy weight loss.It may take you a while to develop this habit, but it is a very worthwhile one. One study done in Japan  found that eating until full and eating quickly were associated with being overweight in Japanese men and women, and that these eating behaviors combined may have a substantial impact on being overweight. This would most likely be true everywhere, not just in Japan!

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Vegetables—including beans—and fruits are high in fiber, which helps you to fill up, and they have lots of nutritional value. Deeply colored fruits, like blueberries, and vegetables, like red onions, have some extra value in terms of nutrition. You can ease into this if you don’t eat a lot of veggies now. Just work them into your meals more. Starting a meal with a salad is a great idea, as it may fill you up before you can overdo on heavier things. There are more Summers Salad Recipes at, check this out. I really love their recipes. It help me feel full when I tried 3 day military diet. I’m not hungry anymore.


6. Do enough to jumpstart your weight loss. In other words, if you only lose a half a pound a week, you may lack the motivation to keep going as the change is just so slight. Losing one or two pounds a week on average would be more encouraging.

7. Only weigh yourself once a week at the most.  Always weigh yourself at the same time—first thing in the morning, without clothing, is good. There are normal fluctuations in how much you weigh from day to day and at different times of day, so it’s good to let enough time go by that the real weight loss will show. You will eventually be at your idea weight!

8. Pay attention to the psychological aspects of what you eat. Take another turn at writing down what you eat, and this time note the emotions you feel also.

It’s kind of like the Aesop’s Fable about the hare and the tortoise. They decided to run a race. Naturally, the hare got off to a much faster start and all the smart money would certainly have bet on the hare. But once it was ahead, it took a nap… and the tortoise passed it and went on to win the race. (I like the hare’s grin in this old illustration from Gutenberg.)

So too with weight loss, where a crash diet is like the hare, and a more sensible way of eating leads you to lose weight slowly AND keep it off!

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss


Healthy Lunch Ideas

Would you like some healthy lunch ideas for weight loss? Whether you work at a job or are at home when lunchtime rolls around, you probably want something fast and easy. You want it to be light enough that you aren’t tired in the early afternoon. Here are some tips and recipe ideas.

10 Tips

[1] Plan on mostly eating lunches that you prepare at home and then either eat there or take to work or wherever you will be at lunch time. This way, you will have better portion control, will more easily avoid preservatives, and know you will be getting something you like to eat!

[2] If you do eat out sometimes, keep a strong plastic bag in your purse or pocket–I like the kind you can zip across–so that you can easily take leftovers with you without making a big deal about asking for a container. Then eat slowly, so you will be more likely to notice when you have had enough. Eating slowly while carrying on lively conversation with friends can be done, but it may take you a while to get the hang of it.

[3] Usually prepare your lunches the night before at home, so you don’t run out of time in the morning. Of course, you may want to add some lettuce in the morning since it could be pretty wilted if you added it to other foods the night before!

[4] Stay ahead on your grocery shopping, so you have healthy snacks and ingredients on hand.  Packaged string cheese is low-fat, for example.

[5] Have a salad for lunch, with some lean meat or hard-boiled eggs added for protein. This is my favorite lunch, day in and day out.

[6] What about leftovers from last night? Maybe in a pita pocket bread.

[7] Consider healthy smoothies for lunch.

[8] Good ol’ low-fat cottage cheese can be the basis of a lot of quick meals.

[9] So can hard-boiled eggs.

[1o] Avoid much in the way of carbs at lunch, if they make you more tired at all.

And Some Recipes

This tabouli salad is just one of a lot of quick lunch recipes at the site listed in the link at the end of the quote. I have no idea what Lebanese style bread is but you can do without any bread when you have tabouli, because it has plenty of wheat in it. This is great for lunches because it keeps well for a few days in the fridge. It’s good for brown bag lunches where you don’t have a fridge to put it in during the morning, too.

You can take any recipe like this and simplify it easily. For example, you do need the bulgur wheat and the tomatoes in the following recipe, but in my experience with making tabouli you could substitute what you had on hand for the other things: vinegar instead of lemon juice, skipping the parsley, mint, or onion if you didn’t have them or care for them. Olive oil is one of the healthiest, and the main one I use, but you could use another kind. for a more low calorie version, you could try half oil and half water. I highly recommend you should visit The Military Diet, they explain very clearly What Is the Portion Control Skinny Diet Plan, and how you can combine this diet with 3 day military diet plan


Tabouli salad

healthy lunch Ideas

Serves 4

2 large tomatoes, finely chopped

1/2 cup cracked wheat (bulgur)

1/4 cup lemon juice

4 cups fresh parsley, chopped

1 cup fresh mint, chopped

1 small red onion, finely chopped

1/4 cup olive oil

“Place tomato, wheat, lemon juice in a bowl, and stand for 30 minutes, or until the wheat has softened.

Add the rest of the ingredients, and toss to combine.

Serve with plain yoghurt and lebanese style bread.”

Click on the link to check out the other recipes. (By the way, I only link to sites I like, and this one had quite a few other interesting weight loss articles.)

Here’s another group of recipe ideas, quick and easy. Click through to see the rest of the week, By the way, this is from a British site and over there they say courgette where we Americans say zuccini.



Spicy chicken and roasted vegetable tortilla wrap

The night before: pop chopped courgette, pepper, mushrooms and strips of chicken breast into a roasting tin.

Lightly brush with olive oil, paprika and ground chilli and put in the oven on a low heat until the chicken is well cooked and veg is tender.

In the morning: pack into a plastic container and take to work with a tortilla wrap and a handful of ready-washed salad leaves.

For just-made freshness, assemble your wrap at lunchtime.



Couscous mixed with chopped vegetables and fresh herbs

Low-fat yogurt

Couscous is as versatile as pasta and takes just five minutes to cook.

“Try it with a variety of raw or cooked vegetables, chopped avocado, walnuts or beans and stir in plenty of fresh herbs.”

So I hope these healthy lunch ideas for weight loss give you some great meals!

Fighting the Flu At Home With Natural Alternatives

Fighting the Flu At Home With Natural Alternatives

Fighting the Flu

There are numerous different strains of cold and flu viruses, which change and alter themselves each year as a response to changes in their environment.

The flu will typically affect between 10 and 35% of the population each year, depending upon the virulence of seasonal flu variety and how well protected individuals keep themselves.

Because of the tremendous adaptability of the flu virus, a cure from traditional Western medicine is a pipe dream at best. This is in part due to the way in which modern antibiotics and medications are researched and developed.  For this reason many of these same home remedies which were used by our ancestors continue to be used today as remedies for the flu.

Why The Flu Spreads So Rapidly

In close quarters, conditions are always right for the spread of the virus which explains why the highest incidence of the flu is in school-age children.  However, the most serious complications occur in older adults and those whose immune system is compromised from underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma or AIDS.

In the past several decades the overuse of antibiotics has become a serious problem which led to resistance in many disease causing bacteria as well as the mutation of the influenza virus when exposed to these drugs.  Each year or pharmaceutical industries come out with another flu shot to help with the seasonal flu variety, and over-the-counter cough and cold medications sales are several billion dollars each year.

The Public Turns To At Home Flu Remedies

However, these measures are unable to prevent flu-related illness as well as we might hope. This is because the flu virus mutates from year to year and the vaccine is produced based on the previous years virus.

In an effort to decrease the amount of symptoms and illness which is experienced many people are turning to alternative forms of treatment that are believed to be less invasive and less toxic to the body.  Of course, one of the best cures for the flu is prevention.  It is much easier to prevent the body from contracting the flu virus than it is to cure it once it is already happened.

How To Prevent Yourself From Catching The Flu

Building a healthy immune system is the number one defense mechanism an individual can use to help themselves prevent the flu.

Steps To A Healthy Immune System:

Rest – Getting plenty of rest, at least eight hours each night, during which the body regenerates and heals.

Stop Eating Sugar – Eliminating as much sugar from the diet as possible.  A teaspoon of sugar will negatively impact the immune system for up to six hours.  It is better to satisfy your taste buds with sweet organic fruit then ice cream or chocolate.

Increase Your Fluid Intake – Drinking as much water as possible each day to help flush out toxins and waste products.  This actually helps to decrease the workload on the kidneys and it improves your immune system.

Exercise regularly – Exercise is an important factor in maintaining the health and well-being of your immune system.  It helps to move the lymph system through the body, sheds unwanted pounds, removes toxins, improves vitamin D production when done outside and improve blood circulation throughout the extremities.  New research has shown that vitamin D plays an important role in both the prevention and cure of the common cold, flu, and other illnesses that are caused by invasion of bacteria and viruses.

Take Your Vitamins – Take a quality natural multivitamin with vitamin C each day.  Vitamins C works in conjunction with vitamin D in order to boost the immune system and may help the body overcome or prevent the flu.

Wash Your Hands – Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.  The flu virus can be easily transmitted from your hands to your eyes, nose or mouth and effectively inoculate yourself with the virus.  Wash your hands frequently, after coming in contact with solid objects, shaking hands with people, each trip to the bathroom and before bed.  Do not use antibacterial soaps because they are likely to spread antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Instead practice good hand washing techniques under her warm water with friction and for at least a minute and a half.

Decrease Your Stress – Decrease the amount of stress in your life, as much as possible.  Stress will negatively impact your immune system and increase the likelihood that you will contract a cold or the flu.  Learn to manage your stress with deep breathing, walking, music or exercise.

Learn to manage your stress by also eliminating the individuals are situations which cause an increase in the stress level that you feel each day.  You may leave that it is impossible to remove these situations from your life but it is much more difficult to accommodate your lifestyle to the stress related illnesses which can result.

What To Do If You Feel The Flu Coming On

If you do feel that you’re starting to get the flu you can help to decrease the symptoms and shorten the illness by taking a few simple measures:

  • Salt Water Gargles – Begin to gargle with salt water three to four times a day to kill the viruses which are breeding in the back of your throat.
  • Saline Nasal Sprays and Flushes – Use a normal saline spray in each nostril and gently blow the excess fluid out three to four times a day.  This accomplishes the same thing as the gargle wash except it addresses the viruses in your nasal cavity and sinuses.  Use the Netti pot to flush the viruses out of your sinus cavities.
  • Vitamin C – Take vitamin C in divided doses several times each day.  Be sure that the vitamin C you are taking is ascorbic acid and take the recommended dosage on the bottle.
  • Drink Water and Fluids – Drink plenty of fluids and fresh vegetable juices to help flush out the toxins and give the body added enzymes required to decrease inflammation, pain and flush the viruses from the body.
  • Zinc – Using zinc lozenges has been shown to shorten the length of colds and flu.  It is important to recognize that you must suck on the lozenge and not chew them.  If you find that you’re nauseous you should stop using the think lozenges immediately because it is a sign of zinc toxicity.  However, many people find that think lozenges themselves make them slightly nauseous so evaluate your nausea based on how you feel when you are not sucking on the lozenge.
  • Vitamin D – Go out in the sunlight for at least 20 minutes each day, twice a day, in order to absorb and manufacture vitamin D.  Vitamin D has been shown to improve the body’s immune system and help to decrease the length of any illness caused by viruses and bacteria.
  • Take Garlic – Garlic is another alternative treatment for the flu.  It has antibacterial and antiviral properties that help the immune system to fight infection.  Coupled with Echinacea it makes a strong fighting force against many infections.
  • Ginger Teas and Capsules – Ginger is another herbal roots that is a natural antiviral.  It is also pain relieving and often recommended for individuals who suffer from arthritis.  It is valuable both in the prevention and treatment of illnesses caused by viruses as well is inflammation of mucous membranes in the treatment of sore throats.  It has a mild sedative effect which helps an individual to rest while ill.  It can be added to tea, soaked in hot water or taken as a tincture.

Traditional Western medicine has not yet found a cure for the treatment of in the influenza virus.  Although the immune system of most healthy individuals is able to fight off the flu virus after one to three days, those who have underlying medical conditions can experience more severe complications from the influenza virus that can even lead to deaths.

For this reason, it is very important to help bolster the immune system using healthy nutrition to decrease the likelihood of any serious complications. However, if you believe your flu is getting more serious, do not hesitate to see your physician.