You can deal with weight loss with 3 day diet

Make sure you are actually hungry and not just wanting to eat.

When you are stressed or bored IYou may use food to supress those feelings. Wait until you know your actually hungry.

Try and do something to keep yourself busy and distracted water the lawn, go for a walk, or read to your children.

Eat breakfast it can get your metabolism started and it will actu3 day dietally help you not to crave sweets and quick energy foods later. It will also help you to eat less during the day.

Researchers believe that sweets increase levels of the chemicals serontonin and dopaminewhich makes us feel good. Deep breathing and excersize increase these levels also.

It is also helpful to eat a little something before going grocery shopping.It will help you to stay to your list and easier to say no to those sweets and unwanted foods.

You will be less likely to eat those craving foods if they are not in the house or your desk at work so try and avoid buying them.

Get a friend or family member to start a diet and excersize program with you. When you both work together you can acheive better results.

Be sure to weigh yourself at least once a week preferably in the morning. Water fluctuation is greater during the day.

Researchers have found that hot peppers may help to reduce hunger.

1 tablespoon of oil contibutes 120 calories to your 3 day diet.

Here are a few ideas to help with those times you need something quick but don’t want to stop at that fast food place. Try cambell’s soup at hand studies say that we eat less calories during a meal. That follows a bowl of soup. Also there is gogurt, yoplait to go, and Dr.McDougall’s Instant hot cereals.

Make sure to get enough calcium studies have shown that if your body is low on calcium it signals your body to store fat.

Could it be any easier you know you need to drink plenty of water each day. Research has shown that if you drink cold water which is very refreshing your body uses 20 calories to bring your body back to temperature. 8 glass of water = 160 calories.

When you cook you may have a tendencie to eat a few things as you go this is where we can get a few extra calories that can be hard on us 150 calories a day can be a pound a week.

Watch out for those cravings they usually last only 15 min. So don’t let them get you down.

Remember it is not going to happen overnight so be patient.

Also remeber to eat slow it takes about 20 min. for your stomach to realize it’s full.

Don’t eat where you sleep, eat or work. Reason: When you are distracted you often don’t realize you are full.

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