How I get out of pain management program

Dear friend,

I have been in a pain management program for about a year now due to a
low back injury that has caused damage to the nerves in my legs during this
time the doctors have used medication, therapy and physical and occupational
therapy. The physical therapy was a challenge do to the aggressive nature so I
told the therapist that it was time to try a new approach we decided on doing
occupational therapy, which centers more around upper body the therapist, was then able to incorporate some lower bodywork

Then a couple of months ago the therapist started to ease me into an exercise
known as pilates these are a low impact and less stressful than traditional
exercise on the low back.

Pilates incorporate breathing techniques and core strengthening to develop
your core muscle, which help to stabilize the low back while strengthening
all muscle groups in a very subtle manner, which is just what, I needed.
The great advantage is they can be modified to the amount of exercise
and endurance you can tolerate to begin with. With the strength and posture
improvements you maybe able to tolerate the pain and get out and enjoy
more activities. We all know that that maybe as simple as sitting down long
enough to eat dinner with your family.

These are personal opinions and should never be taken in place of your
Doctors advise by army diet

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How I get out of pain management program
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