How to Stop Eating Sugar

Stop Eating Sugar

How to stop eating sugar is a question often asked by people trying to lose weight and keep it off. I have asked it myself, ruefully, quite a few times in my life! This article will give you tips on how you really can stop eating it, and with time the sugar cravings will subside. I can’t say it will always be easy, but craving sweets does have some definite causes and there are specific things you can do to help you overcome sugar addiction.

My Favorite Online Resource for Dealing with Sugar Cravings

I found a very useful resource online for guidance on how to stop eating sugar. It includes an idea you may not be familiar with, that there are also foods that ACT LIKE sugar when we eat them. We have to cut them out for a while too… Click on the image to go to the site of Scott Olson where you can find out more. There is a free program, and an inexpensive one as well. I am currently doing this program myself.

My Seven Top Tips on How to Stop Eating Sugar

1. Get clear about your intentions. Do you want to lose weight and then resume eating sugar? Do you want, as I do, to get your consumption of sugar down to almost nothing for the rest of your life? Think about this for a while, because the clearer you are about your intention, the easier it will be to go for it. Hey, even if all you can do is create the intention to stop eating sugar for a week, that is a good start and you will learn from doing it.

2. One time that sugar cravings come up is when our blood sugar gets out of whack. To avoid the cravings that come with low blood sugar, eat frequent small meals throughout the day. This could be breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a healthy and high protein snack in between, or it could be a series of little meals, whatever you call them. Be sure to have some protein at breakfast. Don’t let yourself get so hungry that you want to grab anything in sight and eat it.

3. Eat lots of vegetables. How much is lots? Big servings! Also eat a lot of protein.

4. Keep a written log of when you crave sweets. You can learn a lot by also keeping a written log of what you eat and at what times, combined with the cravings log. But if that is too much, just do the cravings logs.

5. Exercise! Think of how our prehistoric ancestors must have listed, and even most people in historic times, and you’ll be reminded that sitting for long hours in front of a computer is a not a natural way of life. I started rebounding for weight loss and have now found it is helping with sciatica and other things too. Whatever exercise you like, do some! You can also exercise when you feel a craving… go outside for a walk to get away from tempation for a while, or just put on some music and dance. See my page Is Walking Good for Weight Loss?

6. Go cold turkey on cutting sugars out of your diet. This means white sugar, brown sugar, honey, agave syrup, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, etc. (Agave syrup has been widely promoted as good for you but it has more fructose than high fructose corn syrup. Not good.) This won’t be fun at first, but hang in there, and see the 30 Sugar Free Dayssection above. To avoid sugars thoroughly, you will have to read food labels.

7. If you blow it, start over.

More Thoughts

Now this isn’t just about losing weight; there are numerous reasons why eating sugar is bad for your body. Here’s a list of 143 of these reasons. So what I am going for now, knowing full well that there may be some ups and downs on this road, is to completely remove white sugar from what I normally eat. I do not intend to replace it with chemical sweeteners, though I am open to xylitol, stevia, and other natural sweeteners.

I have to admit that I was shocked when I did some research around the internet on this subject. Some examples of what surprised me:

  • A lot of sites, including some of the main ones, recommend eating just a little sugar and then stopping, for example,  taking one piece of chocolate from a bar rather than eating the whole bar. I can’t do that! I can not eat any chocolate, but if I do get started, I find it hard to stop!
  • Another thing that surprised me was seeing advice to use artificial sweeteners. I would have to say that I go withDoctor Mercola in saying that those things are worse than sugar; see this article on his site.
  • I was also surprised to see quite a few recommendations for keeping dried fruit in the house. This one can be dangerous, and you have to know yourself. I can keep golden raisins (my favorite dried fruit) in the house now without pigging out, but when I was doing Phase 1 of the South Beach diet, and dried fruit wasn’t permitted for a couple of weeks, I had my husband hide them outside the house, out in his shop.

Another Good Website

This quote is from one of the most enjoyable  pages I found after a lot of websurfing. Clicking on the link takes you to the April 2009 archives, when  David Gillespie wrote 4 articles on how to give up sugar. He has a great way of putting things! Start at the bottom of the page for the first article, and work your way up. If this speaks to you, he has a membership site too.


If you want to succeed you mustn’t feel you are being deprived of anything. You need to take pity on the poor hopeless addicts that are all around you ingesting poison. You need to view any offering of sugar not as a temptation to be overcome but as an attempt to poison you (perhaps a little extreme but you get the idea).

So don’t feel deprived. You are not giving up anything. You are simply stopping a dangerous and harmful addiction.

It really is that simple to break an addiction. Have the right attitude and staying sugar free becomes a lot easier than you could possibly imagine.

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Doing this article on how to stop eating sugar has gotten me excited about really beating the sugar addiction; I hope you get to that frame of mind too!

How to Stop Eating Sugar
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