Scarsdale Diet Plan Results

The Scarsdale Diet Plan Results

Scarsdale Diet Plan

When you are on the Scarsdale Diet plan, you will want to avoid consuming several foods that are bad for you mentioned in the E-book. When I followed the advice on the foods to avoid, the following day I was already losing weight. I could not be more pleased with this diet and I’m really feeling great and losing weight. Please keep in mind that during this healthy lifestyle change you will experience a lot of clothes shopping for smaller sizes. It’s very easy to avoid all the bad foods and get healthier while on the Scarsdale Diet. One of the fascinating things that I experienced was that the unhealthy foods that I have been eating my entire life were easily substituted for stunningly delicious alternatives. Yes that means that I had to stop eating chocolate cake, but when I found the recipe for raw chocolate and tried it, I was delighted. A lifestyle change is the key to any dieting plan and that’s exactly what the Scarsdale Diet offered me. My eating regiment has literally converted from a high calorie, high fat, and no vitamins to healthy, low fat, low calorie, and packed full of nutritious vitamins. Today I have successfully kept the weight off, and have a vibrant appearance, and an exuberant amount of energy.

Scarsdale Diet Plan

Avoiding Bad Foods

When I was eating bad foods it is very clear to see how it affected me. This affected me emotionally and really hurt my self esteem. If you are suffering from these things then I highly suggest that you make a permanent lifestyle change for the better. It really takes much less discipline than you think it will. At first I thought it would be impossible, but after I tried some of the desserts and immediately knew that the Scarsdale Diet would forever change my weight and health.

After I lost weight, I was feeling much healthier and felt like I could do anything that I wanted to. I was ashamed of my body before (just look at my pocket bulging out), but now I’m very happy with my physical appearance and health. I am now getting very close to the weight that I was in high school and feel 15 years younger. Whoever is reading this take heed that if you take the plunge and try to actually change your life by using the Scarsdale Diet plan, I would not doubt that you will have vibrant health and energy as I do.

Scarsdale Diet

The Scarsdale Diet plan is a low calorie, low carbohydrate, and low fat weight loss system. Countless people have had incredible weight loss results by using this very simple weight loss plan.  With the multitudes of testimonials and the wonderful praise that I personally heard from a family member, I reluctantly decided to give the Diet a try because I have failed in my weight loss struggle so many times. I have been overweight my entire life, and I was in a search for something that would truly work.

How did I Find the Scarsdale Diet?

I got on a search engine and found this Diet in an electronic book. The book is divided into 3 sections which include a maximum weight loss plan, a gradual weight loss plan, and a weight sustainment plan after you have achieved your weight loss goal. There were hundreds of recipes, brown bag lunch ideas, and it was nice because I had access to the book immediately instead of waiting for one to come in the mail.

The best part about the Diet plan is the pure simplicity of it. We all have come to an understanding of just how difficult some of these diet plans out there are to follow in our normal daily routines. That’s the difference I found with the Diet menu is that it really fits in with everyday life and is very practical.  You can follow the plan very easily and not feel like you are suffering during the course of losing weight.

I just can’t forget how many temptations there were on all the other diets that I tried. I would simply smell something or see something and I almost felt drawn to it. The temptation process would happen so quickly, my willpower would shatter, I would make excuses in my mind, and finally I would eat it. Never once did I realize that there were many healthy alternatives to the “bad foods” that I was eating.

We all have the same goals – to lose weight, burn fat, improve our health, improve our metabolism, and keep the weight off. We are constantly bombarded with many temptations to break our diets, and I know I don’t have to explain to you how strong some of those temptations are because I’ve dealt with these my entire life. When you find excellent tasting substitutions for these unhealthy junk and snack foods, it will make an amazing transformation in your health. It is vital to me that these substitution foods were delicious because I would have failed and just went back to the junk if they were not.

Another excellent experience I had using the Scarsdale Diet is that it keeps your hunger satisfied and truly it helped me reduce my food cravings though the day.  I remember how much I would concentrate on the next snack or meal that I would be eating. I didn’t understand that this was actually my body craving nutrients, rather than actually being hungry. The food was incredibly tasty on the recipes provided and I never felt hungry.

I’m just trying to give you an honest testimonial of how the Diet plan completely changed my eating lifestyle.  It was wonderful to feel like I was in control of my weight, my health, and I literally feel 10 years younger. I’m going to try to be brave here and share with you a personal photo of myself after being on the diet plan for 3 weeks.

Please understand this is an honest at home photo. There is no airbrushing or any type of photo editing done. All that I did was splice two digital camera photos together to show you the actual real life results of my weight loss on the Diet plan. I’m not a model, but just a real every day normal mom who is trying to help you.

Scarsdale Diet

As you can see it really did help me to lose weight. By experience, I know that I could not have lost the weight on my own. Below I’m going to put a link to the Scarsdale Diet book that I used that helped me to lose that initial weight, and keep it off now 2 years later. It’s packed full of recipes and many varied ways to help you lose weight. I hope that it can help you too, because I really do feel better, and I’ll let you judge if I look better from my results with this Diet.