What Exercise Should I Do For the 3 Day Military Diet?

While using the 3 Day Military Diet, Exercise is not required. You just follow the Diet Plan, and keep in your mind the tip: 3 day on, 4 day off. But some of people don’t have much time, and their patience run out of quickly than other, then this is right place you are. You must combine Exercise In order to achieve the best results possible. Now a day you don’t need spend money hiring a teacher. All you need is your time and your arrangement plan. Check out this below for your reference:

Morning Workout Routines


Here are some five quick exercise and morning workout routines you can follow to help boost your metabolism and keep it revved up all day while burning calories simultaneously! Of course You can set aside a time frame that fits your daily lifestyle in order to ensure that your workout is not intermittent because of your busy work. But I highly recommend you follow this workout Routines in the Morning. That way we can handle with out busy schedule.

Lifestyle exercise

It’s very simple and regular routine. If you are working in office, you spend about 8 hours in sitting at your chair. You must keeps your body movement that is part of your schedule, like stand up to go get your drink, or go to WC, etc..Maybe once per 30 minutes, just need moving around at work. If you are at home, keep doing household chores. Don’t spend over 1 hours at your salon.

Programmed exercise

Programmed exercise has no other purpose than to make you fitter and healthier, help you manage your weight and keep your spirits up.  A daily run or walk, workouts at the gym club or join in sports all fit into this category. But there is a common misunderstood  about cardio and how much is required in order to have an effective workout. Cardio is great way to help you lose weight but hours on running won’t do anything but wear you and your body out. Normally 40-45 minutes training is all you need to get some great results. Too much cardio can start burning muscle instead of fat and send the body into a catabolic state .

I have been working out for a long time and have found that I get the best results with Tabata style work outs and HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. The Tabata protocol is to work out as hard as you can for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. Do that for 8 sets, adding up to 4 minutes per Tabata. Most people do 4 Tabatas per work out.



You must understand how it will work. Your body responds with any workout  by adjusting to the new workloads when you put your body in the movement. The muscles then rebuild themselves in response to the demands  and changes of the workload, which takes much effort. This is how fat is replaced with new strong muscle development  and calories are burned.

When working out becomes a chore that’s when you will not pay more your attention on this. It’s always important to find a workout you actually enjoy even if it’s something like walk with your dog or some Zumba with the kids, either way its exercise!

Dance  and Sports  video games with your friend are a great way to get in your exercise routine and daily cardio. Research by some professors show that most people are willing to spend more time playing along with their friend then they spend at the gym. You can find out more video games these days with full range of motion that targets more than one part of the body.

Ideally, when you are using 3 Day Military Diet, you will decide to work on boosting your amount of all workout as you can, but my main recommend will be on getting you to work regular, programmed exercise into your life. Base on my experience, only you keep your workout regularly, you will see the best results come soon



What Exercise Should I Do For the 3 Day Military Diet?
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